Freya Mavor is part of the casting wish list for the WWII romantic movie The Italian Chapel.
It follows a reluctant private in Mussolini’s army who is captured by the British and sent to a camp on an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland.

An encounter with a local girl awakens a new enterprise in his heart – turning a rusty Nissan hut into a chapel for the camp.

Years later, the former prisoner, now married, returns to restore his work on the chapel, only to find his war-time flame still living there.

There will be two movies on the same story but the one ( since it’s backed by the BFI I bet Freya’s casting will be confirmed at the masterclass) with Freya will start shooting next year and will be released in the UK in early 2016. The screenwriter wrote the screenplay for The Liability (JOC).

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Two screenings of 71 in the US.

As part of the Bafta’s Brits to watch, 71 will be screened in NY (August 27 th) and LA ( September 2nd).
US release : early 2015.

Freya Mavor will be speaking at an acting and auditioning masterclass as part of the BFI Film Academy Residential on August 2nd.

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vincyp whispered:
Do u know any blogs that post skins news too just like yours???i love your blog btw:)

Try to check some tumblrs that are dedicated to one actor ( like desebastiandesouza, there’s one for DBR, one for Kaya …)Check my tags for each actor since I reblog from them. In a month,I’ll be back home and make a casting news tag.
Thank you !

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Second night in London and I might have shared a Eurostar with Joe Dempsie (or his twin). I also found out that I share a friend with one of my favorite director Steve McQueen.

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Utopia - 2x02 (opening sequence)
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Some of us don’t get to have childhoods.

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Denitsa Toshirova

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whenever my dad makes pancakes he always makes a tiny baby one for our dog

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